The rental market survey is an informative guide to the current rent situation of the market. This survey proves to be a useful resource for both tenants and the landlords.

Rental Market Survey Sample

1) Are you looking for a property in

a)   Metropolitan city

b)   City

c)   City outskirts

d)   Town

e)   Village

2) For what purpose do you want to rent this property?

a)   Residential purposes purely.

b)   Business purposes purely.

c)   Both residential and business purposes

d)   Storage or warehouse purpose.

3) Where do you want to rent it?

a)   In a densely populated area

b)   In a sparsely populated area

4) What type of property are you looking for?

a)   Ground floor only

b)   Ground+ first floor

c)   First floor and garage

d)   If any other, please specify

5) For how long do you want to rent it?

a)   Less than 5 years

b)   5- 10 years

c)   10- 20 years

d)   More than 20 years

6) What is the price range you are aiming at?

a)   10- 20 thousands

b)   20-40 thousands

c)   40-60 thousands

d)   If more than that, then specify

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