In every field, the importance of research is indispensable. Whether quantitative or qualitative, the research on several issues in an arena helps to bring in new concepts and develop the old ones so that the field is further enriched. The research interview survey is a compact form of questionnaire that seeks to focus on identifying the person most able to perform a research in a particular field.

Research Interview Survey Sample

1. Are you comfortable in amalgamating both the quantitative and qualitative research methods?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Depends on the priorities of the project

2. Are you aware of the basic statistical software packages essential for performing quantitative research?

  1. Yes , I know more than two
  2. I know one.
  3. No

3. Are you comfortable in working as an individual researcher or as one of the members in a research team?

  1. As an individual research worker
  2. As one of the members in a research team
  3. Both would be fine

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