Research survey is an orderly process of application of tools, acquirement of information, accumulation and assimilation of the acquired data, synthesis of the results, drawing a logical interpretation and making a valid conclusion. Only experts are assigned to conduct this scientific study. However, the data are obtained from ordinary people directly related to the research topic who are not required to meet any criterion for this whatsoever.

A research survey should be accomplished cautiously. The same respondents should not be used twice as that would create an error of duplicity and the members of the same clan or family should not be surveyed for the same topic unless the research does not demand so because the opinion of one member is likely to sway or influence the opinion of his fellow member creating halo effect in the results.

The following are the main types of research survey and their advantages:

  • Personal interview is a direct conversational technique useful to elicit spontaneous responses.
  • Mail questionnaire is a method by which questions are mailed to the respondents to survey a widely scattered population efficiently.
  • Panel technique involves a series of discussions with the same sample when the purpose of the survey is wide.

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