A restaurant market research survey is one that is conducted by restaurant owners in order to find out the general opinion of visitors at the restaurant. The survey aims to identify information regarding the quality of food, décor of the restaurant, parking facilities provided at the restaurant and service quality of the restaurant in general. Given here is a sample of the restaurant market research that can be made use of to draft a restaurant market research survey as well.

Sample Restaurant Market Research Survey

Name of the visitor:-

Address of the visitor:-

Email address of the visitor:-

Phone number of the visitor:-

Date of birth of the visitor:-

Date of marriage of the visitor:-

1. What is the frequency of your visit to our restaurant?

a) Everyday

b) Once in a week

c) Once a month

d) Once a year

2. What is the usual time that you visit our restaurant?

a) Morning

b) Afternoon

c) Evening

d) Night

3. What are the best things according to you that you like the most at our restaurant?

a) Ambience

b) Food quality

c) Service

d) Affordable pricing

4. Can you please provide us with the names of any other restaurants that you visit other than ours?


5. Can you please provide you opinion about your liking for our restaurant in comparison to the other restaurants that you visit?

a) Excellent

b) Good

c) Average

d) Poor please provide reasons here ____________

6. What is the primary reason for you to choose our restaurant?

a) Proximity to home or office

b) Valet parking

c) Friendly environment for visit along with family

d) Excellent service at the restaurant

7. Would you recommend our restaurant to your friends and relatives?

a) Yes

b) No Can you please provide reasons if you have answered no to this question _________

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