A salary survey is a useful tool to determine the industry trends and standards related to salary packages. By analysing data on the different forms of remuneration received by employees, an organisation can outline its own salary plan and also meet the expectations of its employees in a fair and reasonable way.

Salary Compensation Survey Sample

1) Since how long have you been working in this organisation?

a. Less than 6 months

b. 6 months-1 year

c. 1 year-2 years

d. More than 2 years

2) What position do you currently hold here?

a. Trainee

b. Senior team member

c. Team leader

d. Regional manager

e. Others

3) Please mention your annual salary.

a. Less than 1 lakh

b. Rs 1-2 lakh

c. Rs 2-3 lakh

d. More than 3 lakh

4) Are you satisfied with your salary here?

a. Yes

b. No

5) Do you get bonus, commissions besides your monthly salary too?

a. Yes

b. No

6) Does your organisation have a systematic salary review committee?

a. Yes

b. No

c. Can’t say

7) When was the last time the organisation gave you an increment?

a. Never

b. Last year

c. 2 years ago

8) What was the percentage increase of your increment?

a. Less than 5%

b. 5-10%

c. 10-15%

d. Over 15%

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