Salary Survey India is an important statistical instrument. This instrument is referred to by various Indian organizations to ensure that their pay scale matches the international standards. Indians can also refer to this tool, to find out what is their average salary expectancy

Salary Survey India Sample

1. State your years of experience?

a. 0-5

b. 5-10

c. 10-15

d. If more than 15 years, please specify—————

2. Please mention the exact location of your company?

3. What is the name of your company?

4. How many years are you working in this present company?

5. What is the total number of employees in this company?

a. Less than 100

b. Less than 200

c. Less than 300

d. Less than 400

e. Less than 500

5. Are you satisfied with your salary?

a. Yes

b. No

6. Your Current Company Name:

7. Mention your type of Industry?

a. Computer

b. Medicine

c. Electronics

d. Education

e. Insurance

f. Banking

g. Telecommunication

h. Retail

i. Legal

j.   Aerospace

k. If others please specify————–

8. How many Indian Rupees do you earn annually?

9. Do you get any monetary benefit over and above your salary?

a. Loan

b. Rebate

c. Discount

d Allowance

e. If anything else, please specify….

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