Management consultants are in vogue. More and more companies seem to be realizing the importance of having a management consultant on board. More than often, the senior management of the company takes certain decisions that may not go down well with the employees. It is the job of these management consultants, to ensure that the decision taken by the senior management is well infused with the rest of the company. The salary survey management consultant is an impressive tool, which determines whether the salary of these management consultants is up to the mark.

Salary survey management consultant

1. What is your basic salary?

a. Less than $500

b.Less than $ 1000

c. Less than $1500

d. Less than $2000

e. In case of others, please specify….

2. What kind of projects do you handle?

a. Crisis oriented projects

b. Employee welfare oriented projects

c. Legal Projects

d. Worker Class oriented projects

e. Research and development oriented projects

f. In case of others please elaborate.

3. Do you have a team reporting to you?

a. Yes, I have a team.

b. No, I do not have a team.

4. Is your salary at par with the industry?

a. yes, it is at par.

b. No it is not at par.


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