Salary Survey USA is an important tool devised keeping in mind the requirements of the people of USA. This powerful tool helps to deduce, whether the compensation package received by the people in USA is at par with other countries or not. This tool is also used to understand what compensation package one can expect in USA.

Salary Survey USA Sample

1. Mention your years of experience?

a. 0-5

b. 5-10

c. 10-15

d. If more than 15 years, please specify—————

2. Please mention the exact location of your company?

3. What is the name of your company?

4. How many people work in your present company?

a. 50-100

b. 100-200

c. 200-300

d. 300-400

e. More Than 400

4. Are you satisfied with your salary?

a. Yes

b. No

5. How many people work in your company?

a. 50-100

b. 100-150

c. 150-200

d. 200-500

e. More than 500

6. Your Current Company Name:

7. Mention your type of Industry?

a. Aerospace

b. Computer

c. Electronics

d. Manufacturing

e. Wireless/Satellite

f. Insurance

g. Telecommunication

h. E-Commerce

i. Government

j. School / College

k. If others please specify————–

8.  What is your qualification?

a. Graduate

b. Post Graduate

c. MBA

d. Doctor


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