The sales management survey is intended to understand the challenges in sales and to improvise the sales management. This survey helps an organisation to know that how effective is their sales management.

Sales Management Survey Sample

1) Which one best describes your position in your organization?

a)   Operations

b)   Sales management

c)   Sales account management

d)   Sales administration

2) Where do you work?

a)   A regional sales office

b)   The corporate office

c)   A cluster of offices

d)   An individual office

3) Will your organization participate in the Annual Trade Show?

a)   Yes

b)   No

c)   Not sure

d)   Not decided

4) Will your association have its own stand or will it take part in the target stand?

a)   Own stand

b)   Target stand

c)   No stand

d)   Not decided

5) Does your role involve co-ordinating various employees of your company?

a)   Yes, most definitely

b)   Not really

6) Do you use any software regarding management of sales?

a)   Yes, they are ___________________

b)   No, we don’t.

7) Do you intend to upgrade your present system in recent times to optimize sales?

a)   Yes, in coming 12 months.

b)   There are no such plans at present.

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