The purpose of a business survey is to measure the success level of a business. The survey is answered by the business owner to know where his business stands. It helps the business owner to understand ways to improve the business and deliver what the customer wants.

Sample Business Survey:

1. Since how many years are you into this business?

a) Less than a year

b) Around 2 to 3 years

c) More than 5 years

2. What is the average annual revenue of the business?

a) Below $100000

b) Between $100000 to $1000000

c) Between $1000000 to $10000000

d) More than $10000000

3. What is your primary source of capital?

a) Personal

b) Friends

c) Bank

d) State

e) Family

4. Do you face any issues or obstacles in your business?

a) Yes, always

b) Sometimes

c) Rarely

d) No, never

5. What are usually the issues or obstacles that you face in your business?



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