Samples employee satisfaction survey is an effective technique to measure satisfaction levels and requirements of employees. The feedback from employees can be taken via e- mail or manually in written and stored for formulating future policies for the growth of an organisation.

Sample Employee Satisfaction Survey Sample:

Q1. How satisfied are you with your management’s behaviour?

(a)Fully satisfied

(b) Satisfied

(c) Average

(d) Not satisfied

Q2. Are you comfortable with the work load assigned to you regularly?

(a)                        Comfortable

(b)                        Somewhat comfortable

(c) Not much comfortable

Q3. How do you mark the communicational level of your seniors with your?

(a)                        Healthy communication

(b)                        Average

(c) Not so good

Q4. Do you agree with the rules & regulations applied on monthly target reports?

(a)                        Agree

(b)                        Not much

(c) disagree

Q5. Are you happy with your annual package and tenure bond?

(a)                        Very Happy

(b)                        satisfied

(c) Neutral

Q6. If given an option would you like to join any other company?

(a) Yes

(b) No

(c) May be

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