A sample fun survey is a survey that is humorous and helps to understand the sense of humor of an individual. The survey revolves around experiences of life and evaluates an individual’s response to the constructed scenarios and the survey being funny everyone agrees to take part in it. The questions in this survey should be funny and simple so that they are easy to understand.

Sample Fun Survey

1. If you found a note stuck at the back of a person with a funny message written on it, what would you do?

a) Tell the person and remove the note

b) Don’t tell the person

2. What would you tell a block of cheese while taking its photograph?


3. If to forgive is divine, will you still insult people and ask them to forgive?


4. Why do you think the alligator cried?


5. If your girlfriend is fat, will you tell her that on her face?

a) Yes

b) No

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