The sample HR survey is aimed to get rapid feedback from the employees which can be used to improvise the various aspects of any organization. These HR survey helps to know about the areas in HR which needs improvement.

Sample HR Survey

Please choose any one option:

1) Are you content with your experience with this organization?

a)   Yes, very much

b)   Somewhat

c)   Not at all

2) Which department are you currently working in?

a)   Sales

b)   Marketing

c)   HR

d)   Complaints

e)   IT

f)    Operations

g)   Please specify, in case of others

3) What is your designation?

a)   Junior manager

b)   Senior manager

c)   Executive

d)   Director

e)   CEO

f)    In case of others, please specify

4) Is your immediate supervisor understanding and helpful?

a)   Yes

b)   Most of the times

c)   Sometimes

d)   No, not at all

5) Are your colleagues co-operative that facilitates team work?

a)   Yes

b)   Most of the times

c)   No, not at all

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