An interview is the quintessential part in getting admitted to any educational program or being recruited for a job. The interview gauges the abilities of the concerned candidate that whether he/she is proficient enough for carrying out the responsibilities of the position. The sample interview survey is meant for assessing few points regarding the attributes if n individual and harness relevant opinions from him/her/

Interview Survey Sample

1. What is your opinion regarding this person/product/situation?

  1. Very poor
  2. Poor
  3. Mediocre
  4. Average
  5. Good
  6. Very good
  7. Excellent

2. Will you be benefitted via this person/product/situation?

  1. Not at all
  2. I will be benefitted to a negligible amount
  3. I will be somewhat benefitted
  4. I will be considerably benefitted
  5. I will be hugely benefitted

3. Do you feel there is a space for improving the performance of this product/individual/situation?

  1. Yes, I feel so
  2. No, I don’t feel so
  3. May be


Customer Interview Questions

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