Market Research Survey helps in bridging the gap between the theoretical assumption and the practical scenario for company’s products, projects, policy decisions and above all, its profitability. More and more business concerns are resorting to this technique ostensibly owing to the benefits derived from its usage. Customers like it because it meets their taste and demand. It helps the company to get a feedback from the horse’s mouth, aka the consumer. The company can count on the research findings simply because it is reliable, authentic and cost-effective.

Sample Market Research Survey

1. Which brand of tea do you currently use?

2 .How long have you been using it?

a. Less than two months

b. More than two months

3. Which brand name comes to your mind when you think of ‘Tea’?

4. How many different brands of tea have you used so far?

a. More than 5

b. Less than 5

5. What is the frequency of your buying tea?

a. Weekly

b. Fortnightly

c. Monthly

d. Bi-Monthly

6. Besides the price factor, what other factors affect your decision?

a. Advertisement

b. Hear-Say

c. Goodwill of the brand

d. If others please specify ……….

8. What is so special about this store?

9. Does advertisements affect your decisions?

a. Yes

b. No

c. At Times

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