A medical survey is done to know about the health conditions of the person. It is not necessary that the survey takers are patients. Even a person who is currently physically fit and mentally sound can take this survey. It is generally conducted by medical practitioners, health clubs, medical researchers and the likes. The information obtained from the survey is utilized to construct a frame that would encompass better medical awareness in the society.

Sample Medical Survey:

1. Do you have a medical insurance?

a. Yes

b. No

2. How many times do you visit a doctor for a routine check up?

a. Once in a fortnight

b. Once in a month

c. Once in 3 months

d. Once in 6 months

e. Once in a year

f. None of these

3. Do you have the basic medicinal tablets and syrups and first aid kit at your home?

a. Yes, I do have.

b. No, I don’t have.

4. Are you involved in any routine physical activity to keep yourself healthy?

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