Satisfaction survey is held to collect the feedback of customers on different products and services regarding their satisfaction level. This survey helps the company to know that what are the factors which influence the buying decision and satisfaction level of the customer.

Sample Satisfaction Survey Sample:

Q1. What is your definition of satisfaction?

(a)                        superior quality and durability

(b)                        Effective support services and good presentation

(c) Good quantity and excellent performance

(d)                        Affordable price

(e)                        If any other, please mention

Q2.  Are you satisfied with our products /services?

(a)                        Yes. Fully satisfied

(b)                        Somewhat satisfied

(c) Not satisfied

Q3. If you encounter any problem, whom would you like to complain?

(a)                        Customer care

(b)                        Concerned sales person

(c) Senior concerned authority

Q4. How did you find our process of complaint sorting?

(a)                        Easy

(b)                        Comfortable

(c) Difficult

Q5. How often do you change your brands?

(a)                        Believe in sticking to one brand

(b)                        Once in six month

(c) Once in a year

(d)                        More than this

Q6. What factors do you consider the most while buying a product/service?

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