Students are considered as the pulse of a country. The well being and the growth of a country are directly or indirectly depended on the students. Plethoras of consumer goods are launched keeping in mind the needs and requirements of a student. Though, a student does not earn money to buy them, they have the ability to influence the purchasing decision of their parents. Student surveys are conducted by various companies to understand what is going on in the students mind.

Sample Student Survey

1. Which class do you belong to?

a. Class A

b. Class B

c. Class C

d. Class D.

2. What advertisement do you like?

a. Advertisement A

b. Advertisement B

c. Advertisement C

d. Advertisement D.

3. What are the factors that make you buy a product?

a. Advertisement

b. Actors endorsing the product

c. Quality of the product

d. Brand Name

e. Packaging

f. Look of the product.

g.In case of others, please specify….

4. Do you buy similar products of other brand?

a. Yes I do buy

b.No, I never Buy

5. If yes, then do you think that other brand has better product?

a. Yes

b. No

6. What are the factors which attracts you in the product of other brands?

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