Sample survey questions are those questions which are generally asked to inquire or to gather feedback related to any commodity or service. These are one of the major ways for the interaction of the consumers and producers. These questions play a very significant role as they not only also help in market projections and predictions but also provide a glimpse about the choice of consumers. These are highly diversified and touch every sphere of life.

Sample Survey Questions Sample

Q1.  Please mention your name and contact details?

Q2. What’s your income (Tick Below?)

(a)    Less than Rs.1,00,000

(b)   Rs 2,00.000- Rs 3,00,000

(c)    Rs 3,00,000- Rs 4,00,000

(d)   Above Rs 5,00,000

Q3. Since how long are you using this product?

Q4. Are you satisfied with the quality of product?

Q5. What attracts you in a product?

(a)  Packaging

(b)  Ingredients

(c)  Cost

(d)  All of the above

(e)  None of them

Q6. How did you come to know regarding this product?

(a)  Radio

(b)  Newspaper

(c)  TV

(d)  Friends and family

Q7. Is there anything which you would like to change about this product?

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