A Sample tax survey works as a basic draft for a formal tax survey. The survey is intended to gather information regarding common people’s awareness and interest level in taxation. These surveys assess how much the common person is careful and informed about various tax slabs and their utilization.

Sample Tax Survey

1. Do you think that the slabs of income tax are heavy for middle class and that lead them to tax evasion?

A. Yes.

B. Don’t know.

C. No.

2. What are the most common modes of tax payment?

A. Online procedure.

B. Chartered accountant.

C. Tax consultant.

D. Other.

3. Do you think that government tax exemption schemes are more useful for central taxes and not for state?

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. Both are almost similar.

D. Don’t know.


4. Do you understand the difference between direct and indirect taxes?

A. Yes.

B. Little bit.

C. No.

D. To a large extent.

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