Sample training survey is held to evaluate the standards, effective tools used for training and to understand every single aspect for satisfaction of trainees, employees and students. Such surveys are, in fact, very helpful to improve the image and to promote certain academy. Training survey samples are kept for future references as well.

Samples Training Survey Sample

Q1. How do you evaluate our training academy?




Q2. Have you properly understood the standards of training?

(a) Yes

(b) No

(c) Not sure

Q3. Are you satisfied with the training duration, training techniques and refreshments provided during training?

(a)                        Satisfied

(b)                        Neutral

(c) Not satisfied

(d)                        Can’t say

Q4. Do you agree that you have got value for your money by getting associated with us for training?

(a)                        Strongly agree

(b)                        Agree

(c) Neutral

(d)                        Not agree

Q5. Would you like to provide your valuable suggestions to help us in order to improve our training infrastructure?

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