Satisfaction survey is held to evaluate the satisfaction of masses associated with their routines, particular brands and fulfilment of daily requirements. Such survey is organized by an organization to grab an idea about current market position.

Satisfaction Survey Questions Sample:

Q1. To meet your daily requirements how many times in a week do you visit any outlet or store?

(a)                        Once

(b)                        Twice

(c) Thrice

Q2. Which of the given attributes do you consider while ranking any brand?

(a)                        Quality

(b)                        Quantity

(c) Durability

(d)                        Cost

(e)                        Availability

Q3. If you have any complaint regarding services and goods then which of the following methods do you like to use?

(a)                        Email

(b)                        Telephonic conversation

(c) Feedback form

(d)                        Complaint to concerned person

Q4. Do you like to stick to a single brand or like to try different brands?

(a)                        Same brand

(b)                        Different brands

(c) It depends

Q5. Do you like to write about your experience in a satisfaction form?

(a)                        Yes

(b)                        No

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