Satisfaction survey is designed to measure the satisfaction level of customers, employees, students and clients. Satisfaction survey has a questionnaire which consists of different questions on related topics. This survey can be done online or manually.

  • Types of satisfaction survey:
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Employee satisfaction survey
  • Client satisfaction survey
  • Jobs & college satisfaction survey

  • Techniques of satisfaction survey:

  • Online techniques

(a)    Mass mailing

(b)    Online shopping satisfaction form

  • Manual technique

(a)             Outlet shopping

(b)             Door- to- door form survey

Function ability of satisfaction survey

(a)                        Satisfaction survey is prepared with the help of satisfaction survey software according to the survey subject.

(b)                        The output received from this satisfaction survey can be processed in the form of charts and graphs with available tools.

(c) Satisfaction survey has direct impact on the business and rank of a company. Many organisations also hire survey companies to organize their surveys in an effective manner.

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