A good school teacher is an asset not only for the particular school but also for the educational system. He/she guides the students to become better human beings and also sets an example for his/her colleagues. The school teacher leadership survey has the main objective of assessing the qualities of the survey takers and identifying the school teacher with distinct leadership skills.

School Teacher Leadership Survey

1. Are you willing to take the teaching burden of your colleagues?

  1. Yes, on condition that I receive good incentives.
  2. Yes, on condition that I have assistants to support me.
  3. Yes, on condition that I am not too busy with that of my own.

2. Do you think there is a need for teaching the students beyond the text books?

  1. Yes, on condition that the text book syllabus has already been completed.
  2. Yes, teaching from text books and beyond it is a simultaneous process.
  3. No

3. According to you what are the essential leadership qualities that an individual needs to have to be a good teacher?

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