A servant leadership survey is prepared and initiated in order to record and measure the overall knowledge of servant leaders. This survey is based on an essential set of questions, which is answered by the servant leaders on the basis of their experience and skills. A servant leadership survey is conducted by the servant training centres and consultancies.

Sample Servant leadership survey:

Q.1. How many years of experience do you have working as a servant leader?

  • More than one year
  • More than two years
  • More than three years
  • Others, please mention: ____________________

Q2. You have experience of working as a servant leader in:

  • Official firms
  • Leading organizations
  • Household
  • Others, please mention: ____________________

Q3. As a servant leader, you major responsibility is:

  • To take care of routine functioning of your team
  • Managing and distributing regular work duties among team members
  • Ensuring the hygienic standards in terms of cleanliness, cooking and laundry, etc
  • Completion of excessive assigned targets and goals

Q4. How do you encourage your servant team for performing outstanding?

  • To motivate them with impressive speeches
  • Helping them in their assigned working duties
  • Suggesting them unique ideas for completing work within routine deadline
  • Taking care of their requirements and healthcare conditions

Q5. Would you like to tell us more about your opinion of servant leadership?


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