A leader has to face several different kinds of situations. His/her skills are tested in each of those situations. Planning beforehand is not the key at all the times. Showing reflexes and on-the-spot thinking and execution of strategies is one of the crucial attributes that a leader ought to possess. The situational leadership survey has the aim to identify such skills of the survey takers.

Situational Leadership Survey Sample

1. If the situation demands a probable expelling of one of the team members, will you do it?

  1. It depends on the value of the team member.
  2. It depends on gravity of the project and its objectives.
  3. The views of other members are important.

2. If the situation demands reshuffling of responsibilities in between the team members how will you manage it?

  1. I will account for the past records of the team members and reshuffle accordingly.
  2. I will account for the immediate priorities of the project and reshuffle accordingly.

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