All businesses may not be big; there may businesses started with less amount of capital. Thus a small business survey is necessary to evaluate the success of such business. This survey helps in getting the information that how the business was started and whether it has chances to grow.

Sample Small Business Survey:

1. When did you start your business?

a) A year ago

b) 2-3 years ago

c) More than 5 years ago

2. What does your business specialize in?

a) Garment manufacturing

b) Manufacturing household services

c) Consultancy services

d) Media related services

e) Construction

f) IT related services

g) If any other please specify

3. What is the annual turnover of your business?

a) $10000 to $100000

b) $100000 to $1000000

c) More than $1000000

4. How many employees do you have?

a) Less than 100

b) Between 100 and 500

c) More than 500

5. How do you manage your capital?

a) Assets

b) Loan

c) Shares

d) Others…

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