A Social Expenditure Survey is programmed by the government to estimate the social expenditure structure in order to initiate the new beneficial financial strategies to facilitate the citizens. Such a survey includes the details of expenditure, nature of outgoings and social status according to the same.

Sample Social Expenditure Survey:

Name: _________________

Sex: _________ Age: _____

Address: _______________

Phone number: _________

Q1. Tell us about your employment status:

  • Self employed
  • Employee
  • Business person
  • Part- time worker

Q2. Mention your per annum salary:


Q3. How many dependents do you have?

  • More than one
  • More than three
  • Others please write: ____________

Q4. How many earning sources do you have except the above chosen employment status?


Q5. What kind of expenditures do you have?


Q6. Please write the amount you spend on household maintenance?

$ ______________

Q7. What is your expenditure ratio for your standard of living?


Q8. Do you have any running loan and mortgage?

  • Yes
  • No

Q9. Have you ever declared as a defaulter by any of your finance associations?

  • Yes
  • No

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