A social history survey helps to know the social details of an individual. These types of surveys include details like age, gender, height, caste and others. Information regarding the family history, education and employment are also asked through these types of surveys.

Social History Survey Sample

Name: __________

Age: ___________

Gender: ___________

Height: _______________

Weight: ________________

Any special marks on the body: ________________

1. Are you an immigrant in this country or your forefathers have their origin in this country?


2. Please mention your current residential address and mention since how long you have been staying in this address?


3. Please mention your educational qualifications?


4. Where were you born and brought up?


5. How many brothers and sisters you have?


6. Where are you currently employed and what is the nature of your work?


7. Have you even been caught indulged in any illegal activity?

a. Yes( Please Provide Details)

b. No

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