A social identity survey is a beneficial tool used to describe an individual’s identity to record a personal conception and a group affiliation such as an educational institute, working place and social participation. With the help of such a survey, an individual can briefly explain the self image and social skills.

Sample Social Identity Survey:

Name: ________________-

Age: __________________

Contact details: __________

Q1. You are a part of:

  • An educational institute
  • Official business entity
  • Social service group

Others: _______________

Q2. How do you rate your communicational skills?

  • Excellent
  • Very effective
  • Good
  • Average

Q3. How effective are your leadership skills?


Q4. How do you rate your relationship with the concerned group?

  • Very good
  • Good
  • Average
  • Not so good

Q5. You would like to work as:

  • An individual
  • In the group

Q6. Mention about your ability to identify the problems and behavioural concerns of the team:


Q7. Tell something about your decision making and problem solving skills:


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