A Social Networking Survey is widely used by the many online social networking websites to record the essential feedback of the existing users to implement the effective improvement policies. In such a survey, the social networking users emphasize upon their experience to answer the questions.

Sample Social Networking Survey:


Sex: _________________

Age: _________________

E-mail id: _____________

Q1. Which of the following social networking website you use the most?

Hi5: ________________

Facebook: ___________

Orkut: _______________

Twitter: ______________

Others: ______________

Q2. How much time do you spend daily to browse through the above chosen social networking site?


Q3. Mention the specific reason behind using the above selected social networking site?


Q4. How do you access such a site?

  • Via mobile phone
  • Via laptop or desktop
  • Via internet cafe

Q5. How do you rate the performance of this social networking site?

  • Excellent
  • Very good
  • Good
  • Average

Q6. Do you suggest this social networking site to your friends?




Q7. Which of the features of this social networking website you use the most?


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