A social security survey is conducted by the professional government and corporate entities to gather the feedback of the people in order to measure their current social security requirements. Such a survey is very helpful to prepare and implement the law & order conditions to ensure the security conditions of people.

Sample Social Security Survey:

Name: ____________________

Age: _______________________

Address: ____________________

Contact details: ________________

Occupation: __________________

Social security number: ________________-

Q1. Are you aware about the social security benefits offered by the government?

  • Yes
  • No

Q2. How many times have you applied for the social security benefits?

  • More than once
  • More than thrice
  • Or more, please mention: _____________

Q3. Please rate your present condition for which you are seeking the social security benefit?

  • Physiologically ill
  • Physically handicapped
  • Senior citizen
  • Others: _______________-

Q4. Mention any two benefits of the social security value?

___________________, __________________

Q5. Are you satisfied with your current social security benefits?

  • Yes
  • No
  • To some extent

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