A social skills survey is a process of assessing how good the social skill of an individual is and tracing social and communication behavior. These types of surveys can be conducted to know the social skills of an individual or of a society at large.

Social Skills Survey Sample

Name: ____________

Address: _______________

Age: _______________

Sex: _________________

Current Employment Status: ___________

1. What are your social interests?

2. Does your friend have similar interests like yours?

a. Yes

b. No

c. Some of them

3. How do you rate your communication skills?

a. Excellent

b. Good

c. Fair

d. Bad

4. How do you rate your inter personal skills?

e. Excellent

f. Good

g. Fair

h. Bad

5. Do you think you are able to understand other people’s point of view?

a. Yes always

b. Yes, at time

c. No, never

6. How often do enter into an argument with your friends or colleagues?

a. Very Often

b. At time

c. Rarely



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