Social support is a process which is very complex and has far reaching influence on social practice. Thus a social support survey helps to understand whether an individual is getting any support socially and whether he is happy with the support. This survey is used by different organizations to bring improvement in their social support system.

Social Support Survey Sample

1. Do you think that there is a social support system in your society?

a) yes

b) No

2. Are you satisfied with the social support system in your society?

a) Very satisfied

b) Satisfied

c) Somewhat satisfied

d) Satisfied

3. What kind of social support do you think is missing in your society?

a) Emotional support

b) Tangible support

c) Affection

d) Positive interaction

4. What is that aspect in which you feel you need social support the most?

a) Health

b) Marital functioning

c) Social activity

d) Loneliness

5. Would you like to suggest any improvement in the support system?


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