Social surveys are those surveys which are done in order to accumulate some information regarding social research. These surveys are aimed at gathering different viewpoints by asking a series of questions from a group of people.

There can be many different categories of a social survey. The questions in the survey are framed in accordance with what the goal of the survey is. One must have clear understanding of the objectives and the purpose of the social survey.

Most social surveys are objective type which means after the question, a number of choices are given which have to be ticked or circled by the person taking the survey. This makes the process quick and convenient. But sometimes, such a survey may have subjective answers for which ample amount of space must be left after the question.

Following factors must be considered while framing social surveys:

  • The questions should not be repeated or reframed.
  • The general information of the person taking the survey must be asked in the beginning of the survey.
  • All the possible choices for the answer must be included. This must be done in bullet form or by numbering the choices.
  • The questionnaire of the survey must not be long and boring, rather it should be made in a way that attracts more people to answer it.

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