A software vendor survey is process of selecting an appropriate vendor for the software service or the software program being developed by an individual or an organization by answering a set of related questions. These set of questions are based on the kind of software related job that the individual or the organization wants to get done and also the budget that they have in mind.

Sample Software Vendor Survey

1. What is the software related work for which you are looking forward to hire a vendor?

a) Software development

b) Software maintenance

c) Software designing

2. What will be the use of the software for which you need a software vendor?


3. What are the steps that you are undertaking to hire a software vendor?


4. What is the annul budget that you have for a software vendor?

a) Less than one hundred thousand

b) Les than five hundred thousand

c) Less than one million

d) More than one million

5. What will be the set up of the software?

a) Office related set up

b) External set up

c) Client set up

6. To which extent will the software vendor will have authorization and access to the confidential details of the organization?


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