Millions of people answer surveys each day but do you know what effects do these surveys really have on consumers and companies? Well it is a fact that about 62% of the people are more inclined to buy a product from a company which asks for their opinions. Infact 56% consumers feel more loyalty towards a brand which takes out time to take their viewpoint into consideration. About 80% of the people feel that brands are considerate about what the consumers have to say more nowadays than about 10 years ago. The reasons for this are increase in market competition, current economic climate and decreasing consumer loyalty.

About 69% of the brands tell their consumers that they use their opinions and feedbacks but in reality they act as per the results generated while 7% of the brands do not take into consideration the feedback of consumers at all. It is a fact that about 40% of the people are willing to spend about 1-5 minutes on a survey while 13% people are willing to spend even more than 20 minutes answering a survey.

There are many benefits of communicating with the customers and getting to know what they feel and how they perceive a product.  But the retail business companies gain maximum benefit from customer feedbacks while the next sector to benefit is the banking sector followed by travel sector, mobile technology sector and telecommunications. The industries which do not really gain any benefit from communicating with consumers are leisure industry and utilities.


Some Interesting Stats of Consumer Surveying

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