A Stress assessment survey is used to assess the various issues and problems that cause stress in an individual’s life. These types of surveys are targeted towards various different age groups of people regarding their stress related problems. These surveys can also be used to find out the ways through which an individual handles the stress related problems.

Stress Assessment Survey Sample

1. Name the reason, which is the biggest source of stress for you?

A. Workplace problems

B. Family Issues.

C. Marital life.

D. Other issue.

2. Do you think that you are not getting enough time for refreshing breaks?

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. Often.

3. Do you frequently feel that you are under stress?

A. Regularly.

B. No.

C. Often.

D. Sometimes.

4. Is problem with your partner is affecting your professional life?

A. Yes.

B. No, Never.

C. Sometimes it does.

4. during the period of last one month, what kinds of thoughts are mainly occupying your mind?

A. Negative.

B. Worries.

C. Family matters.

D. Various things.

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