A Stress scale survey is used to find out the level of stress than an individual faces. These types of surveys help to assess the various factor and reasons that leads to stress in an individual’s life. With the help of these surveys one can also find a solution to their stress related matters.

Stress Scale Survey Sample

1. How much time do you spare for your hobbies?

A. No time

B. As much as I can.

C. A little bit of.

D. Some quality time.

2. Do you think that you get enough leisure time?

A. Yes.

B. Hardly I get any time for my leisure

C. To a little extent.

3. Do you think that your job demands you to be multitasking and multiskilled?

A. To a large extent.

B. Not, much.

C. Often.

D. Depend on situations.

4. Do you have any disputes/conflicts with co-mates, family members etc?

A. Yes, very much.

B. No.

C. A little bit of it.

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