Stress survey for adults throw light on those things that cause stress in an adult person’s life. Tensions and worries of personal and professional life and problems at workplace may cause serious troubles. Survey contains questions on those regular issues and tries to figure out common stress problem.

Stress Survey in Adults Sample

Q1.  What are those key reasons that usually cause stress for you?

A.  Money

B.  Personal problems

C. Workplace.

D. Lack of social contacts.

Q2.  Are you eating well and taking proper sleep?

A.  Yes

B.  No

D. Often

Q3.  In last six months, have you consulted any psychologist for stress management?

A. Yes, many times

B.  No, never.

C.  Sometimes, not regularly.

Q4.  Do you have any hidden fears regarding your career, family and social life? If yes, than what are they?

A.  I may loose a dear one

B. Failures at workplace

C. Financial instability

D.  My own poor health

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