Stress survey for college students are used to find out the root causes of tension among college students. Parental expectations, career planning and relationships are some regular causes that affect college student’s life. The survey questions cover these issues to know the thoughts of students on these topics.

Stress Survey for College Students sample

Q1.  Name that recent factor that caused serious stress for you?

A.  Future worries

B.  Issues with love partner

C.  Bad performance in study

D.  Monetary problem.

Q2.  Do you think your career is well planned and you will easily get a job after college?

A.  Yes.

B.  No

Q3.  How is your relation with your parents and other siblings?

A.   Not good.

B.   We are happy family.

C.   I have some problem with siblings

D.  Trying to resolve the issues.

Q4.  How do you respond towards stress?

A.  No Attention

B.  By discussing with friends.

C.  Psychic counseling.

D.  Keep myself busy.

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