Tensions at work place and troubles with boss and colleagues may cause stress for employees and further affect their performance. Stress survey for employees investigates those issues and maters that usually create stressful conditions for employee and affect their performance as well.

Stress Survey for Employee Sample

Q1. Can you name the primary reason for stress?

A. My Boss

B. Hectic work schedule

C. Failure in meeting with deadlines

D. Fear of lacking behind from others.

Q2. Do you think your boss and co-workers give you proper respect and treat you well?

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. Sometimes.

Q3. How do you respond towards tough tasks and challenging projects?

A. I like challenges

B. Systematic work.

C. It makes me tense

D. I like to escape them.

Q4. Is there any concerning issue about your job, that always disturb you?

A. Growth/reward prospectus of job

B. Not getting enough time for family

C. Extreme workload.

D. Unsatisfied boss.

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