Stress survey for teachers is the survey that aims to assess the factors that leads to stress in teachers. These types of surveys are targeted towards various different categories of teachers and then they can be used as per needs and requirements. Beside factors causing stress, these surveys also helps to know the ways in which the teachers try to tackle the stressful situations.

Stress Survey for Teachers Sample

Q1. Do you often face disturbance from the pupils during class?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes

C. Regularly

Q2. Have you ever thought about changing your job/work profile?

A. Yes many times.

B. Never.

C. Sometimes

D. Already tried for that.

Q3. Does your pupil behave properly with you?

A. Yes always.

B. No they never.

C. Often

D. Sometimes they behave rudely.

Q4. Have you consulted school administration to bring some change in work schedule?

A. Yes many times

B. They don’t pay attention

C. Never

D. Sometimes.

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