Student behaviour survey is a method to evaluate the behavioural quality of students in an institution and school premises. This survey is basically held by the institution and the obtained data is kept for records to maintain rules and regulations.

Student Behaviour Survey Sample:

Q1. How do you rate your awareness regarding academic alerts and warnings related to your unsatisfactory performance in studies?

(a)                        Excellent

(b)                         Good

(c) Neutral

(d)                        Not so good

Q2. Have you encountered any issues regarding any misconduct and misbehaviour with other students?

(a)                        Yes

(b)                        No

(c) Never

Q3. How good are you in remembering your teacher’s guidance in certain activities?

(a)                        Very good

(b)                        Good

(c) Not good

Q4. Rate your ability to participate in debates and competitions?

(a)                        Outstanding

(b)                        Good

(c) Neutral

(d)                        Poor

Q5. How is the behaviour of your colleagues with you?

(a) Good

(b) Just Ok

(c) Bad

Q6. Would you like to mention anything about your behaviour with students, teachers and other departments?

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