Student feedback survey is the most important tool to understand the satisfaction level of students. Such survey plays an important role in maintaining the comfort level between students and faculty of an institution. With the result of this survey, institution or school can work on its education polices and study techniques.

Student Feedback Survey Sample:

Q1. How much are you satisfied with teaching methods and practical techniques in your academy?

(a)                        Fully satisfied

(b)                        Satisfied

(c) Somewhat satisfied

(d)                        Dissatisfied

Q2. Are you satisfied with the behaviour of your teachers and instructors?

(a) Yes

(b) No

(c) To some extent

Q3. Are you satisfied with the clarity of syllabus and study material provided to you by your institution?

(a) Yes

(b) No

Q4. How do you rate the interaction and understanding among lectures and students in your institution?

(a)                        brilliant

(b)                        good

(c) satisfactory

(d)                        poor

Q5. Would is your overall view about your institution?

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