A number of products are launched, keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the students. There are a plethora of products that are launched at these students group. Though, students do not have a direct purchasing power due to lack of money, the fact that they can influence their parents decision, makes them a sought after target group. The student feedback survey helps companies to understand, exactly what is going on in the student’s mindset.

Student Feedback Survey Sample

  1. Do you get pocket money?
  1. Yes
  1. No.
  1. Do you use your pocket money to purchase goods or products?
  1. Yes
  2. No
  1. If yes, then what amount do you spend on products?
  1. $5
  2. $10
  3. $15
  4. $20
  5. In case of others, please specify…
  1. Which particular product do you buy?
  1. Product A
  2. Product B
  3. Product C
  4. Product D
  5. In case of others, please specify…

5. Do you influence your parents purchasing decision?

a. Yes

b. No

6. What are the factors that influence your decision to purchase a product?

a. Brand name

b. Advertisement

c. Film stars endorsing it.

d. Price of the product

e. Quality of the product.

f. In case of others, please specify.

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