The motive of student learning style survey is to calculate different approaches of learning methods being followed by different students. Such survey is very helpful to understand the learning power of students and develop the effective teaching/ education methods.

Student Learning Style Survey Sample:

Q1. How do you rate the contribution of your class learning programs in your examination success?

Q2.  Rate the level of your involvement in extra circular activities?

(a)                        Very much involved

(b)                        Get involved whenever free

(c) Somewhat involved

(d)                        Not at all involved

Q3. Do you agree that you have gained from such extra co-circular activities?

(a)                        Strongly agree

(b)                        Agree

(c) Disagree

Q4. Mark your course and degree which you are pursuing from this institution?

(a)                        Outstanding

(b)                        Good

(c) Average

(d)                        Not aware

Q5. Are you satisfied with the skills of your professors and instructors?

(a)                        Fully satisfied

(b)                        Somewhat satisfied

(c) Dissatisfied

Q6. What kind of learning style do you think is most appropriate for enhancement of your skills?

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