A succession planning survey is done in order to bring up leaders who would manage the business in the near future and show it the path of growth in a more dynamic manner. The survey is conducted by the business analysts and the top management of the concerned business. The persons who take the survey are usually the young and highly efficient professionals of the particular company.

Sample Succession Planning Survey:

1. Do you consider yourself a sincere team player?

a. Yes

b. No

c. Sometimes

2. How confident are you in leading a project?

a. Very confident

b. Moderately confident

c. Not confident

d. Depends on the type of the project

3. How can you get the business out from a crisis situation?

a. By discussing the situation with the subordinates at all levels.

b. By chalking policies in own and implementing those

c. Both of the above options

d. Any other option (mention _______________ )

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