For all those who wish to know the people in general and their thoughts including behavior in particular, a Survey Questionnaire should suffice the purpose. Surveys are generally done to derive data which will serve the objective for which such a survey is being undertaken. So, there could an Employee Survey to know austerity of the employees in an organization or a Customer Satisfaction Survey to have know-how about the customer’s level of contentment. Depending upon the nature and purpose of a survey the questions too keep fluctuating.

The backbone of a successful survey lies in the format and design of the questions being asked. The list of such questions is called a questionnaire. The questionnaire should be prepared keeping in mind, the target audience and the industry to which it pertains and it should also be kept simple and short. Last but not the least, wherever the identity of the respondent needs to be concealed, the same should be done. The questions should not be vague in nature rather more scientific and rational. The content should be designed in a manner which does not become too tedious for the respondents.

A majority of the business organization find comfort with the idea of a questionnaire. They can ask specific questions whose answers often give them a helping hand to decide a particular issue.

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