A survey is an important statistical device that is used by companies to gather required information and act on them. The entire aspect of designing survey questionnaire requires a lot of knowledge and experience. The designer has to ensure that the questions are formed in such a manner that the answers to them can provide the required information.

The following points needs to be kept in mind, while designing a survey questionnaire:

-Keep in mind the exact information that needs to be gathered from the survey.

-Jot down the probable questions that come to one’s mind, the moment they think of the survey.

-Ensure that each question is accompanied with probable answers. Most of the times, the people who take the surveys prefer these questions as they save time and secondly as they need to think less.

-Decide on the medium of the survey. Sit with the company and zero on to which particular medium of survey would be applicable. There are various mediums that can be employed by them like Web, paper, News paper, and telephone and so on.

-The sequence of the questions plays an extremely important role. The sequence of questions affects the thinking process of the person who is taking the survey. Hence, all related questions should be placed one after another to ensure that the thought process of the survey taker is not disrupt.

The above points are a few of the most important one’s that needs to be kept in mind while designing the survey questionnaire.

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